Artist: Baljinder Kaur, UK
Title: Bhagat Puran Singh
Medium: Mixed Media Illustration
Commissioner: Jasdeep Chahal
The One who has given a home to the homeless,
Honour to the dishonoured,
Who has fulfilled all desires,
Day, night, with every breath and with every morsel of food, meditate on the One.
Guru Arjun Dev Ji
Praise to Bhagat Puran Singh, founder of the Pingalwara Society; home for the less abled.
Bhagat Ji personified selfless service with a hands-on approach, having been taught compassionate virtues from an early age by his mother.
Born to a Hindu family in 1904, Bhagat Ji became inspired by Sikhi and was initiated into the Khalsa.
Seeing the Oneness residing in all, Bhagat Ji spread the fragrance of devotion with enthusiasm, springing into action at every opportunity, remaining in Chardikala with every breath.
He would be spotted carrying a disabled child, clearing the streets of debris or researching diligently into ecological solutions.
Though he did not attend higher educational institutions, he became a learned philosopher and sage, and taught the world about true service to humanity.


Baljinder Kaur, UK

Baljinder Kaur is an illustrator nestled in the middle of England, UK. She is passionate about the power of children’s books and their ability to transcend barriers and transform our social landscapes. She enjoys exploring through themes of the fantastical, the allegorical and the enchantingly ordinary. Her work often, and intimately reflects through the lens of a Panjabi and Sikh diaspora existence.
As a child of immigrants, she’s keen to share stories that help us to connect deeper; stories that celebrate our differences as well as our wonderfully interconnected nature.
Baljinder recently graduated with distinction from Cambridge School of Art with a Masters degree in Children’s Book Illustration. She was also awarded the 2022 CSACBI Illustration for Older Fiction Prize. Baljinder is currently working on books, whilst also occasionally teaching illustration and drawing.