Artist: Daljeet Singh, CA
Title: Qazi Rukundin
Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas
Commissioner: Baljinder Dhinsa
In the midst of Guru Nanak’s fourth Udasi to the West, Qazi Rukunudin, initially sent to question and arrest Guru Nanak for causing a stir in Mecca, found himself on a spiritual journey. Guru Nanak responded to his inquiries with wisdom drawn from Hadiths, gradually enlightening Qazi Rukunudin about the universality of Guru Nanak’s teachings.
Qazi Rukunudin underwent a profound transformation, recognising Guru Nanak as a spiritually wise leader for all of humanity. Embracing Sikhi, he became a devout follower of Guru Nanak’s message, defying the pressures to renounce his newfound faith.
The path of Qazi Rukunudin took a courageous turn when Amir-e-Makkah demanded he abandon Sikhi or be punished by death. The Qazi was unyielding, and remained steadfast in his belief in Guru Nanak’s teachings. As such, he became the first Sikh martyr (c.1510-1511).


Daljeet Singh, CA

Daljeet Singh is a self-taught fine artist, having a keen interest in different forms of arts including painting, music and Folk Dance since his childhood. He was born in 1997, New Delhi, India. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Physics (Hons.) from SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University. While pursuing his degree, he got the opportunity to explore his passion of art and thus joined the fine arts society of the college. He further designed the covers of the college magazine TEGH for three consecutive years.

He achieved the prize for the best design of the silver coin to mark the 550 years of birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The final minted coins were launched by the Vice President of India in 2019 and were made available for the local public by DGMC at all historic Gurdwara Sahibs of Delhi. Furthermore, on the same occasion, he painted a beautiful painting of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his family, which was exhibited at IGNCA, Art Gallery and later at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, New Delhi. The original painting is now exhibited at Kartarpur Sahib, Pakistan.

Daljeet is mastered in charcoal and oil paintings and has worked in many mediums including watercolor, ink and recently in digital. He has a deep interest in learning Sikh history and is carving more of his talent in creating works related to Sikh art. He is a student of Indian Classical music, performing and practicing Kirtan.A