Artist: Sharandeep Singh, IN
Title: Hari Singh Nalwa
Medium: Digital Art
Commissioner: Manmohn Singh
The cover art recalls the legendary tale of a 14-year-old Hari Singh Nalwa (c.1804), who symbolised his remarkable courage when he encountered a tiger on a hunting expedition. Despite losing his horse in the attack, he fearlessly fought and killed the tiger using only a dagger and shield.
This artwork exemplifies his extraordinary resolve, and also has a surrealist metaphysical meaning. Hari Singh Nalwa’s life was defined not just by this singular act but by his enduring spirit. He defended the Khybar Pass from Afghan forces invading the Sikh Empire, and he constructed strategic forts like Fort Jamraud, essential for safeguarding and expanding the Sikh territories.
In the words of the artist “The tiger represents the Invading Afghan Armies with Afghan soldiers trying to climb it so that they can reach Hari Singh Nalwa. Hari Singh Nalwa Fighting the tiger with Fort Jamraud in the background represents the might of the Sikh Empire. The Five rivers of Punjab flowing through Hari Singh signifies the loyalty and passion Nalwa had for his land and people. Hari Singh Nalwa’s legacy extends far beyond battles; he contributed significantly to the Sikh Empire’s growth, constructing over 56 buildings including forts, towers, gurdwaras, water tanks, samadhis, temples, mosques, towns, havelis, sarais and gardens. His life stands as a testament to bravery, determination, and a deep commitment to his people and homeland, and as a great exemplar of Chardikala.


Sharandeep Singh, IND

I am Punjab based Digital Artist, known as Sarbloh Arts from my social media pages. I do not have an art degree, I just use it to express my thoughts and imagination. Sikh History is the source of my inspiration and the only mission I have is to illustrate the entire Sikh History timeline in my art style. Sarbloh Arts is the name under which I will fulfill my mission of documenting Sikh history through art.