Artist: Balkishan Jhumat, UK
Title: Kisaan Andolan
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Commissioner: Rajinder Singh Bassi
The Kisaan Andolan: A Beacon of Unity and Hope
The Kisaan Andolan, India’s Farmers’ Protest, began in late 2020 against controversial agricultural reform bills proposed by the Indian government. It was seen as a threat to the livelihoods of generations of farmers as it sought to abolish the traditional procurement system in place.
What made this protest extraordinary is the unity it forged amongst farmers from all backgrounds, transcending boundaries and embodying the rich tapestry of Indian culture.
Amidst the protests, the spirit of seva (selfless service) beamed brightly; exemplifying the essence of humanity ingrained in Sikhi.
The Kisaan Andolan also rekindled interest in age-old principles of ‘Sarbat da Bhala’ (well-being of all) and ‘Chardikala’ (unwavering optimism), which became rallying cries for those standing up for the rights of others as well as their own.
Modern history has no better example of the indomitable spirit of India’s farmers, a beacon of hope that reminds us of the power of unity and collective action.


Balkishan Jhumat, UK

A diligent and disciplined ‘fine artist’ with a creative and unique approach to producing dynamic and original art. Balkishan has literally been passionate about art since primary school. His favourite secondary school subject, not surprisingly, was art! He continued to pursue art and design at college. He chose to study Illustration at university, and in 2001 was awarded a BA (Hons) degree.

He is extremely thankful for being taught by the right kind of tutors throughout his academic history. Tutors who believed in and, nurtured, his abilities. More recently, Balkishan decided to write about his artworks. This culminated in the publication of two books: ‘Beneath the Mirrored Vault, New Perspectives in Sikh Guru Portraiture’. Also, ‘Mythologies, Stories Captured in Graphite’. Both books were published in 2019.

As a professional artist, proficient in virtually any medium in the classical/traditional manner, Balkishan is always keen to reach out to serious patrons and clientele. If you are interested in commissioning art from him please email:

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