Artist: Balkishan Jhumat, UK
Title: Courtyard of Horrors
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Commissioner: Gurpreet Sidhu

The Governor of Lahore, Mir Mannu, sought to eradicate all Sikhs from his province. Sikh families were rounded up and sent to Lahore. The men were beheaded, and the remaining family members were sent to a labour camp, where women were expected to grind over 40 pounds of grain each day.
Freedom was offered to them if they converted to an extremely intolerant version of Islam, but not a single woman abandoned their Guru – they remained unwavering in their Sikh faith, displaying this through their singing of Gurbani.
Mir Mannu escalated his barbarism by ordering children to be slain in front of their mothers. The lifeless bodies of babies, toddlers and children were ripped apart, with the limbs strung into garlands that were placed around the necks of the grieving mothers.
Yet in the face of this, they held steadfast to their identity; remaining defiantly resolute.


Balkishan Jhumat, UK

A diligent and disciplined ‘fine artist’ with a creative and unique approach to producing dynamic and original art. Balkishan has literally been passionate about art since primary school. His favourite secondary school subject, not surprisingly, was art! He continued to pursue art and design at college. He chose to study Illustration at university, and in 2001 was awarded a BA (Hons) degree.

He is extremely thankful for being taught by the right kind of tutors throughout his academic history. Tutors who believed in and, nurtured, his abilities. More recently, Balkishan decided to write about his artworks. This culminated in the publication of two books: ‘Beneath the Mirrored Vault, New Perspectives in Sikh Guru Portraiture’. Also, ‘Mythologies, Stories Captured in Graphite’. Both books were published in 2019.

As a professional artist, proficient in virtually any medium in the classical/traditional manner, Balkishan is always keen to reach out to serious patrons and clientele. If you are interested in commissioning art from him please email:

All commissions will be considered.