Artist: Mani Dhaliwal, CA
Title: Bibi Amro
Medium: Oil Painting
Commissioner: Sarbjit Singh

Bibi Amro was the daughter of Guru Angad Dev Ji and Mata Khivi, and the wife of Bhai Jasoo. She was taught to read and write in Gurmukhi by her father; and her talent was such that she committed vast amounts of Sikh scripture to memory.
Her husband’s uncle, Amar Das, would occasionally visit his brother, and it was on one such visit that Amar Das heard the sweet voice of Bibi Amro singing Gurbani.
From this transformative meeting, the elderly Amar Das, moved by the melodic sweetness of Gurbani, would go on to spend years in the service of Guru Angad Dev Ji. Amar Das would ultimately go on to succeed Guru Arjan Dev Ji as the third Guru, known henceforth as Guru Amar Das Ji.
Guru Amar Das Ji propagated a structure to the Sikh community and appointed Bibi Amro as the head of one of the 22 districts that were formed. Bibi Amro was responsible for all aspects of administration and was influential in the choice of Amritsar as the spiritual home for Sikhs.


Mani Dhaliwal

Manmeet Dhaliwal (Mani D) is a student of art. When not at his day job as an Engineer, he is learning and practicing the skills of drawing and painting, and has been doing so for 5 years. He studies mostly online, but also through various in-person classes. His inspirations include Jeffrey Watts, Jeremy Lipking, Anders Zorn, and many others. He prefers painting in oil, and drawing with charcoal. Currently he is focused on portraiture and landscapes, but is always experimenting with various mediums, techniqures, and subject matters, to find his ultimate style. He prefers to focus on the technical side of art, and let the audience determine the message of the works themselves.