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  • Artist: Partha Mondal
  • Title: Peacekeeper of Assam
  • Medium: Tempera medium with earth water colours.
  • Country: India

Guru Tegh Bahadur’s adolescence and early adult life were spent mainly in isolated meditation, but upon attaining the title of Guru he travelled extensively across the South Asian subcontinent spreading the message of Guru Nanak. His journeys even took him as far east as Assam. The Guru spent much of his time dedicated to philanthropy; building wells in remote villages and visiting places of pilgrimage to set up communal kitchens.


Partha Mondal

Partha Mondal began his artistic journey at the world renowned Government College of Arts & Craft (Kolkata) gaining both a BVA and MVA. Since then, his works have been exhibited throughout India and have been sought after by private collectors abroad. His works have gained various awards including the Abanindranath Tagore award in 2012 and most recently the Kalanand Gold Grand Award of 2021.

Partha has used his unique drawing style to depict and celebrate India’s long history of mythological stories and capture the viewer into these worlds using his painting hand. He is comfortable with various mediums including Tempera which uses its opaque quality of colours to deliver an earthly feel. He is uses the ‘wash style’ of painting which was introduced in Kolkata in the early 20th century by two Japanese artists (Yokoyama Taikan and Hisbida Sbunso). The painting style was widely practiced by the Tagores for its distinct style and colour tones. Partha remains one of the few students and practitioners of this technique today.

Partha Mondal is a full time artist based in Kolkata India.