• Artist: Simran Kaur
  • Title: Birth of Guru Gobind Singh
  • Medium: Natural Pigments on handmade wasli paper, heightened with shell gold
  • Country: United Kingdom

Guru Gobind Singh took birth in Patna, Bihar, in the presence of his mother Gujari, his grandmother Mata Nanaki, and his maternal uncle Kirpal Chand. At the time of birth Guru Tegh Bahadur was traveling east into the subcontinent, visiting sites of pilgrimage and helping to broker a peace deal between the King of Assam and the Mughals. Guru Tegh Bahadur, after his travels and accompanied by Ram Singh (the Raja of Amber), met the four-year-old Gobind Rai for the first time when he returned to Patna.


Simran Kaur

In Simran Kaur's own words;

“I am a london-based artist, specialising in indian miniature painting and the use of natural, sustainable sources to create these works. My journey in traditional art aims to pick up and conserve the fine threads of ancient mastery, particularly those focusing around the Indian subcontinent - showcasing and educating the coming generations on the art of the lost worlds, where with God’s Grace, these techniques and form of spiritual practice are embraced and carried into the future. As a current student of the traditional arts and learning under the watchful eyes of many renowned masters in their practices, the path within my spiritual and physical practice has just begun.

My work also focuses on the use of natural resources such as earths and plants, where the journeys of these materials intertwine into the paintings and a collective energy is formed. I have only scratched the surface as a traditional artist, but may this ‘kalakaari’ lead to the divine truth, and bring the eyes of the future closer to the source from which they permeate from.”