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  • Artist: Mani Dhaliwal
  • Title: Battle of Kartarpur
  • Medium: Oil on Panel
  • Country: Canada

At the age of 14 Guru Tegh Bahadur adorned weapons and mounted a war horse to ride out and join his brothers and father, who were defending the city of Kirtarpur in Doaba against Mughal forces. When joining his brothers for the first time Guru Tegh Bahadur’s mother, Mata Nanaki, stood on the rooftop yelling at the young Guru to come back. Instead, she heard a fierce reply, “I am one who bears weapons. Abandoning the battlefield is not part of my Dharam”. In his first battle in 1635 Guru Tegh Bahadur rode out with his elder brother Suraj Mal and provided support to the troops with bow and arrow and matchlock rifle.


Mani Dhaliwal

Manmeet Dhaliwal (Mani D) is a student of art. When not at his day job as an Engineer, he is learning and practicing the skills of drawing and painting, and has been doing so for 5 years. He studies mostly online, but also through various in-person classes. His inspirations include Jeffrey Watts, Jeremy Lipking, Anders Zorn, and many others. He prefers painting in oil, and drawing with charcoal. Currently he is focused on portraiture and landscapes, but is always experimenting with various mediums, techniqures, and subject matters, to find his ultimate style. He prefers to focus on the technical side of art, and let the audience determine the message of the works themselves.